KipuKai L P KUALI`I for Kaua`i County Council

KipuKai KUALI`I,

Former Council member County Council Candidate

         Despite the highly-charged atmosphere of an anticipated Mayoral veto of the GMO bill last November, my supporters and I fully expected the Council to do the right thing with my appointment to fill the Nakamura vacancy as the 8th place vote-getter and they did not.  At that time, I made a commitment to the thousands of voters whose voices were ignored that I would run again.  It takes a lot to keep coming back after a couple close but unsuccessful races, having received the appointment in 2011 and not receiving the appointment in 2013.  However, I’ve done so because of the genuine concern I have for our islands and for our families.  Also, because I truly believe I can and will make a difference!


I can’t thank the people of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau enough for helping me get to this point in my life of public service!  On the Council in 2011 and 12, I proved myself to be a careful listener, an independent thinker and a hard worker.  And, to be committed to protecting the interests of our people and our islands by always being thoughtful, genuine and prepared.  I’m prepared to play a key leadership role in protecting and improving our quality of life.                                                


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